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Successful Approval from New York State Liquor Authority for On-Premises Liquor License in Sullivan County, New York

Our client owned and operated a tavern in Sullivan County during the summer months using one-day beer and wine temporary permits.  After applying for, and being denied, a full on-premises liquor license, they came to us for help.  Without a full license from the NYSLA, they would be unable to operate and could not afford to stay in business.


To re-apply for licensure, we needed to prove to the NYSLA that our client maintained a safe and controlled environment, served a food menu complete with entrées, and had permission from the town for occupancy despite the tavern being in an open-air facility.

1. To organize our documentation, we created a matrix identifying key components of our arguments for why our client was complaint with NYSLA rules and regulations.

2. We gathered support from key community stakeholders and deployed a grassroots strategy to push our application forward.

Our work included:

  • Liaison between our client and the New York State Liquor Authority
  • Expert document review and assimilation
  • Drafted lease agreement, standard operating procedures, contracts, and additional supporting legal documentation
  • Expert legal documentation to clearly outline our client’s case
  • Navigated through deficiency hurdles and documentation rejection
  • Employed creative problem-solving to circumvent arguments against our client

Our Result:

We successfully proved our client’s case and secured a full on-premises liquor license.  Our client was able to open on time and remain in business.  Without our assistance, our client would have been forced to shutter the business.  With the assistance of our dedicated attorney, our client secured the highly valuable liquor license, which will greatly increase the value of the business both during operations and down the road if the client elects to sell it.  This outstanding result was achieved using our expert problem-solving skills and legal guidance.  

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