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Buffalo Business Attorney for LLC Services in New York State

The LLC attorneys at Lawyer for Business have the knowledge to help clients form limited liability companies in the state of New York. Contact us today.

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Trusted NY LLC Lawyer for Your Needs

When forming a limited liability company (LLC), an expertly crafted operating agreement is crucial. This important document outlines the financial and functional operations of new businesses.

Contacting a New York law firm will ensure that you properly register and structure your new LLC. The LLC attorneys at Lawyer for Business specialize in New York business formation and dispute resolution.

How Does New York LLC Formation Work?

Forming an LLC establishes a unique corporate entity. This corporation can open bank accounts and conduct various business operations and has a unique tax identification number.

Companies formed as LLCs are pass-through entities for taxes, meaning owners are only taxed on their profits once.  LLCs may also elect S-Corporation status and be taxed as an S-Corporation.  Our experienced attorneys can work with your accountant to advise you on which tax election suits your needs.

Types of LLC Services We Offer

Establishing an LLC is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge. The skilled legal team at Lawyer for Business can assist you with the following:

  • NY LLC Formation
  • NY LLC S-Corporation Election
  • EIN Obtainment
  • Biennial Statement Registration
  • Biennial Statement Filing
  • Single-Member Operating Agreement
  • Multi-Member Operating Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Membership Interest Certificate
  • Membership Transfer
  • Membership Transfer Restrictions
  • Annual Meetings
  • Annual Reports
  • Convert DBA to LLC
  • Convert LLC to S-Corporation
  • Convert C-Corporation to LLC
  • DBAs
  • Professional LLC (PLLC)
  • Equity Vesting Agreement
  • LLC Management
  • Member Agreement
  • Member Resolution
  • Addition of Members
  • Dilution of Membership
  • Sale of Membership in LLC
  • Death/Bankruptcy/Divorce/Incapacitation of LLC Member
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement Amongst LLC Members
  • Indemnification of LLC Members
  • Non-Competition Agreement Between LLC Members

When you need legal assistance with any issues, including PLLC formation, contact the friendly staff at Lawyer for Business. Our LLC lawyers are ready to assist you with any matters related to corporate law.

Our Pricing for LLC Services

Lawyer for Business offers exemplary legal services at competitive prices. Our single-member LLC package starts at only $1,750. This includes the following services:

  • Introductory discussion
  • Consultation to determine the most appropriate corporate structure
  • Name availability verification
  • Filing required New York state documents
  • Submission for publication
  • Assistance obtaining employer identification number (EIN)
  • Drafting a single-member operating agreement

We also offer a multi-member (“partnership”) LLC package starting at only $2,000. This package includes:

  • Introductory business consultation
  • Determination of an appropriate business structure
  • Name verification search
  • Filing of New York’s required legal documents
  • Submission for publication
  • Help to obtain EIN
  • Drafting a multi-member operating agreement
  • Guidance for required ongoing filings

With these competitive prices, you can ensure that your LLC is established properly.

Why Choose Us?

It’s critical to secure the services of a seasoned and reliable business law firm. Fortunately, the team at Lawyer for Business has the skills and knowledge needed to handle any corporate law issue in New York.

Our legal team is results-driven and client-focused. We understand the importance of protecting our client's legal and financial interests in an ever-shifting business landscape. Whether you need to establish an LLC or resolve a business dispute, we can help.

Experienced LLC Attorney Near You

When you need a skilled business attorney on your side, contact the veteran legal team at Lawyer for Business. We proudly represent clients in Buffalo and across New York.

The team at Lawyer for Business has helped numerous clients handle issues related to corporate law. Our firm negotiated on behalf of one client to recover a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), resulting in a return of inventory items worth six figures.

We’ve also assisted clients in ensuring that their companies were compliant with New York’s business regulations.

Our legal team has also helped a large company seeking to establish one part of its operations as a distinct legal entity. Doing so protected the financial interests of a co-owner from unreasonable debts and liabilities. Our clients understand that our trustworthy legal professionals are working in their best interests. Here are a few of our stellar reviews:

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Andrea specifically, manages the contracts process for by business. Her insight and attention to detail has resulted in a better business, better relationships with my vendors/clients and more savings financially. The financial savings that Andrea’s contract review created more than paid for what her fees were to get the job done. We keep [Lawyer for Business] on retainer! They always answer or return calls and messages quickly!

Jeff W

We started working with Andrea 1 year ago. She has taken our business to another  higher level. Not only is she our attorney, but she is also our business coach. Her business acumen is second to none. Her advice and guidance in the legal world has helped us navigate any potential pitfalls that may have come our way. I would highly recommend her services for any sized business, especially in New York state, without any reservations.

Seema A.

I recently had the pleasure of consulting with Ms. Tarshus. I found Andrea personable, very knowledgeable, and direct. She made recommendations based upon my unique situation and ultimately suggested another attorney for my case. I appreciate her candor and honesty.

Mike P.

Very thorough work! Andrea advocated bery strongly for us and always took the time to explain things my wife and I may not have understood. She was always patient and kept us in the loop through all steps of my wife's contract negotiation. Looking forward to working with Andrea in the future again!

Kamalpreet P.

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When you need a business lawyer for LLC formation in Buffalo and New York, contact Lawyer for Business.

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What are the requirements for LLC formation in New York?

When seeking to establish an LLC in New York, you must complete and file the required paperwork. You must also obtain an agent and designate a name for your business.

What is the difference between an LLC and a traditional corporation?

The primary difference is ownership. An LLC is owned by an individual or group of “members,” while a traditional corporation is owned by a group of “shareholders.”  Tax obligations are different as well.

How much does a lawyer charge for an LLC in NY?

The price for legal services will depend on your professional needs. Fortunately, Business for Lawyer provides premier services at affordable rates.