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Online Legal Services for Your Business Across New York State

Our New York state business legal firm makes advances in business and communication technologies work for your business and legal needs. Online lawyer services benefit busy professionals who need legal advice remotely or on the go. Buffalo-based Lawyer for Business provides virtual legal help for small business owners with an attorney more accessible to you, our client.

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Buffalo Business Lawyers Providing Online Legal Services

The challenge of scheduling conflicts and the lengthy travel time for clients to our business lawyer office prompted Lawyer for Business to embrace online lawyer services. We understand that when you need legal help, you need it now and may be unable to leave your business for an in-office appointment. By leveraging innovative communication technology, our Buffalo, New York, business law firm allows us to reach our clients in real-time, offering easily accessible online legal support for a range of concerns.

We invest in leading-edge law technologies to present a nontraditional business structure. Our Buffalo-based offices provide online lawyer services to clients in New York state or international business owners operating in the state. Clients reap dual benefits: online legal support without the time and travel hassles and savings we can pass along to clients by reducing our own overhead. When you consult your business lawyer online, you will never see a lapse inefficient service; we remain professional and vested in protecting your legal interests.

Online Legal Services

Lawyer for Business provides comprehensive online lawyer services for business owners. We offer time-saving and flexible appointments so you can get on with your busy day. Our experienced business lawyer familiar with New York state laws offers advice on legal issues and drafts or reviews legal documents.

What Does the Online Legal Consultation Process Look Like?

  1. 1. Complete the Online Request Form

    Simply fill out our online contact form with your information and a brief description of your legal needs. All submissions are secure, so feel free to provide pertinent details our legal team can use to better assist you during your initial consultation.
  2. 2. No-Obligation Consultation

    Our firm will be in contact via your preferred method of communication to discuss your legal needs. We offer a no-obligation initial consultation, giving you brief legal advice regarding your concerns with no obligation for you to continue working with us.
  3. 3. Send Out Retainer Agreement and Request for Retainer Deposit

    Once we agree on your representation needs and fees, Lawyer for Business will send you a contract for the retainer and online lawyer services representation. We also send a secure link for you to pay your retainer deposit online.
  4. 4. Once the Retainer/Deposit Is Received, We Commence Legal Work

    Once we’ve received your client contract and retainer deposit, we get straight to work, addressing the highest priorities first. We also provide ways for you to contact us with immediate legal questions or emergencies.

Why Choose Lawyer for Business for Online Legal Services?

Choosing the right online business lawyer makes a big difference in the efficiency of your business operations and your ability to grow successfully. When you partner with Lawyer for Business for your corporate business needs, you can expect:

Our legal team takes the time to understand your business, goals, and needs so that we can make the right recommendations.

Online Business Formations

Our online legal services for startups include advising clients on the right kind of business entity for their purpose, such as creating an LLC or PLC for a new enterprise. We also offer nonprofit legal advice, including helping your organization apply for 501(c)(3) status.

With our online lawyer services, you can begin your business immediately with virtual appointments and secure online correspondence. We take care of applications and filings on your behalf and can draft organizational bylaws and other business agreements to protect your personal assets and interests.

Online Business Reorganizations and Restructuring

Businesses are structured to reflect the initial needs of the operation. As a company grows and expands, its operational structure and even ownership may change. Part of our online legal services for small businesses includes creating a scalable business model with legal protection for partner and shareholder interests that continues as your business grows.

If your needs change, choose our online lawyer services for business reorganization to refund or renegotiate business or private debt, reallocate assets or partner shares, or restructure a private company to go public.

Online Trademark Registrations and Other Trademark Services

Your business name, logo, company tagline, jingle, or other branded marketing materials should be legally protected. Your branding and trademarks reflect your standards of quality and workmanship. Trademark protections distinguish your goods or services from those of others.

With legal protections, your company can use trademarks on signage, packaging, and other marketing materials — even your online domain name. Our online lawyer services cover applying for federal trademark protections and filing all relevant documents and proofs with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Online Business Contract Review, Drafting, and Negotiation

Any business owner or entrepreneur knows the value of solid contracts and business agreements. Properly drafted contracts offer financial protection from liability and can be used to settle disputes between partners as they arise.

As your business lawyer, we draft and review your legal documents, including operating agreements for various industries. And your online lawyer services can include a review of any contacts presented to you and a periodic review of your company's vendor and employment contracts to ensure they reflect compliance with current New York state laws and will be enforceable in court.

Online Business Purchases and Sales

Your online lawyer services include facilitating business acquisitions, purchasing stock, or converting partnership interests. Our online law services also include reviewing sales propositions to ensure you get a fair and legally valid offer should you decide to sell your company.

We offer risk assessment of potential asset acquisition and draft sales contacts with terms favorable to your interests. As your business lawyer, we also offer legal advice on whether an asset acquisition should be structured as an asset purchase or a stock purchase.

Online Outside General Counsel Services

Online attorney services for outside general counsel can help small business owners surmount any number of legal challenges. Are you seeking legal counsel? Choose Lawyer for Business as your online legal service provider.

Our comprehensive services include employment issues like discrimination or sexual harassment charges, contract review and drafting of contracts and other legal documents, and review and filing for operating licenses and permits. Get the advice you need from an online legal service provider you can trust.

NY Liquor License Application

A New York liquor license is essential for many food and beverage or hospitality businesses. As your legal service provider, we file the appropriate applications with the state of New York. We also ensure that your business complies with service hours and other regulations. Liquor licenses need to be renewed regularly, so trust your online lawyer services to handle that as well.

For the best online legal services, schedule a consultation with an experienced New York business attorney at Lawyer for Business!

Vigorous representation of all of your business interests

Scrupulous review of legal documents to ensure terms are favorable to you

Prompt communication and updates on your case with each development

Professional risk assessment services for any merger or acquisition proposal

Contracts drafted to hold up in court

Anticipation of your company's legal needs and proposed solutions to address them

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