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Buffalo Franchise Attorney Serving New York State

Perhaps you’re thinking about opening a franchise. Maybe you’re involved in a legal dispute with a business owner and an individual location.

In cases like these, it’s important to speak with a franchise business attorney. The franchise lawyers at Lawyer for Business proudly serve clients in Buffalo and across New York State.

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Addressing Franchise Law Matters In Buffalo & New York state

The term “franchising” refers to adopting a proven business model. For a portion of the profits and other fees, the franchisee is granted the right to use the techniques, trademarks, and products of the franchisor.

As in any business relationship, disputes are common. If you face a legal problem, it’s critical to speak with a franchise lawyer.

The knowledgeable franchise attorneys at Lawyer for Business serve both franchisors and franchisees. We handle the following issues:

  • Business acquisition
  • Franchise disclosure document (FDD) review and consultation
  • Beginning your own franchise
  • Obtaining regulatory approval
  • Licensing products and services
  • Developing franchise products and services

These are only a few examples. Whatever your franchise law issue is, we’ll gladly review the facts of your case. Lawyer for Business serves New Yorkers in Buffalo, Grand Island, and Niagara Falls.

Legal Services for Franchisees in New York State

It’s crucial to protect your interests as a franchisee in the state of New York. If difficulties arise, an attorney can help you explore legal remedies.

The knowledgeable professionals at Lawyer for Business can help franchisees with any of the following legal actions:

When you need legal advice regarding your business, consult a professional with plenty of experience in New York franchise law. When you contact Lawyer for Business we’ll gladly schedule a legal consultation to discuss the facts of your case.

Registering a Franchise in New York

Each state regulates the establishment of a franchise business. The state of New York relies on franchise registration.

Under New York franchise law, you are required to file and register your Franchise Disclosure Document (the FDD). This important paperwork must be filed with the Investor Protection Bureau of the New York Attorney General.

The Federal Trade Commission also mandates all U.S. franchisors to issue FDDs to franchisees. FDDs must be provided to possible franchisees at least two weeks before relevant contracts are signed.

This important paperwork contains information, including:

  • Other franchisees
  • History of litigation
  • Business earning potential

While the Franchise Disclosure Document is important, there are many other necessary documents for establishing a franchise in the state of New York. Some examples include:

  • Form of Consent to Service of Process
  • Sales Agent Disclosure form
  • Guarantee of Performance form

For help registering a franchise in the state of New York, make sure to speak with the team at Lawyer for Business.

Renewal of Franchise Registration in New York

Franchise registrations must be renewed annually in the state of New York. You must submit the renewal within 120 days of the end of your fiscal year. Applications must include all of the forms included on the Franchise Registration Information Sheet.

A filing fee of $150 is also required to renew a franchise. Failing to renew a franchise registration could have dire financial consequences. Fortunately, a New York franchise lawyer can assist with registration renewal.

Why Choose Us as Your Expert Franchise Attorney in Buffalo and New York State?

Effective franchise attorneys need specialized skills and a wide knowledge base. The lawyers at Lawyer for Business have a thorough understanding of New York franchise law.

At Lawyer for Business, our attorneys:

Our team will work directly with your business to seize legal opportunities and implement solutions. The team at Lawyer for Business knows how to solve problems for franchisors and franchisees. Whatever the size of your business, our attorneys can help you resolve disputes and protect your interests.

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Legal Services for Franchisors in New York State

When you are a franchisor, it’s important to adhere to both state and federal regulations to prevent possible penalties or other negative consequences.

Preparing a Franchise Plan

A franchise agreement attorney will make sure that your business plan can scale into a profitable franchise.

Franchising Your Business

An attorney will help with drafting and filing franchise agreements and applications. This can be a complex legal process.

Drafting a Franchise Disclosure Document

Skilled franchise lawyers can assist you in drafting a Franchise Disclosure Document (the FDD) for your business.

Compliance for Franchisors

As a franchisor, you will need to secure FDD updates, execution of franchise agreements, and regulation compliance.

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Don’t hesitate to contact the friendly staff at Lawyer for Business to discuss your New York startup.

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FAQs About New York LLC

In the state of New York, who regulates franchise businesses?

Franchises in New York are regulated under the New York State Franchise Act and Franchise Regulations. These regulatory structures detail issues related to disclosures, exemptions, and other requirements. The New York Attorney General oversees the implementation and enforcement of these regulations.

Where are New York FDD registration and renewal applications filed?

In the state of New York, franchise disclosure documents, franchise renewal applications, and amendments must be filed through the New York State Department of Law, located at:

Investor Protection Bureau

28 Liberty Street, 21st Floor

New York, NY 10005

If you need help registering or renewing a franchise, contact one of our skilled legal professionals.

How long will it take for my franchise registration application to be approved?

The application approval timeline depends on the quality of the registration and FDD paperwork. Within two weeks of submission, you should receive a letter acknowledging your application.

While you may receive a request for updates or changes within 30 days of submission, a skilled lawyer can ensure that your application is complete and accurate.

What are the fees for franchise registration applications in New York?

The initial FDD filing fee in the state of New York is $850. To renew a franchise annually requires $250. Renewals must be completed within 120 days of the completion of the fiscal year. When material changes occur in FDD disclosures, the renewal may be due earlier.