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Business Contract Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

A well-drafted business contract is an effective means of protecting your future interests. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, poorly drafted business contracts can lead to substantial losses and disputes over legal issues.

Lawyer for Business can help with this. Our Law Firm’s business contract lawyer serves clients in Buffalo, New York State, and online with contract drafting and negotiating watertight business contracts.

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Expert Business Contract Drafting and Negotiation services

Our Buffalo Based New York Licensed Business Contract Lawyers Give You the Time to Focus on Your Business

At Lawyer For Business, we know just how important contracts are to keeping a business operating smoothly. Our attorney for business contracts works diligently to ensure that our clients’ interests are honored and safeguarded in the contracts we prepare. We’re proud to bring thorough attention to detail to every contract we draft. 

Before any contract is finalized, we use our extensive experience to fiercely negotiate terms that favor our clients. Years of contract drafting and working in this arena have earned us a reputation for being vigorous representatives. We handle breach of contract issues for businesses as well.

Careful Contract Examination and Review

The terms of a contract are similar to laws. When executed, the contract becomes a legally binding document. As such, you should never sign a contract that you don’t fully understand. 

Document review is where our business contract attorney tests each line of the contract to ensure that our client’s needs are met and to reduce the risk of costly litigation. Even before review, you can expect our business lawyer to fight for terms that benefit you.

Detail-Oriented Contract Drafting

Although they often cover general agreements, contracts often contain details that affect a company’s future positively or negatively. From the sale of goods to non-compete clauses, we work hard to specify the terms and protections our clients need. 

Clear and concise contract language is one of our strong suits, and it allows us to minimize our clients’ risk of disputes over legal issues in the future.

Strong Negotiation of the Terms of a Contract

It takes a seasoned negotiator to get the terms their client needs. At Lawyer for Business, our lead lawyer for business contracts, Andrea A. Tarshus, is well-versed in the back-and-forth nature of the contract negotiation process. As a shrewd contract negotiation lawyer, she does not settle for terms that her clients can’t accept. 

From contracts for services to all kinds of business agreements, you can rely on Tarshus Law Firm to do what it takes.

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What Types of Business Contracts and Agreements Can We Help with?

Contracts govern commercial relationships between two or more parties. As such, there are a variety of types of contracts that we help clients with.
Whether you’re in need of a corporate contract attorney or are considering contacting small business corporate lawyers, we can help you draft the contracts and agreements essential for your business.
Our Business Law Legal Services
Business Acquisitions and Sales in NY
Business Organization Agreements in NY
Employment Contracts in NY
Real Estate Negotiations in NY
Other Transactions in NY

Business Acquisitions and Sales in NY

Business Organization Agreements in NY

Employment Contracts in NY

Real Estate Negotiations in NY

Other Transactions in NY

How to Enforce Business Contracts in New York

Certain factors are necessary to make business contracts enforceable legal agreements. Without all of them, the contract is considered null and void. Being in written form is not always one of them. 

One of the actual factors, capacity, refers to the mental capability of the parties involved. If either one is not legally mentally capable in some way, such as being unconscious or a minor, then the contract will be deemed unenforceable.

Founding partner Andrea A. Tarshus Esq. is an experienced New York

How We Help Your Business

Lawyer for Business — Experienced Business Lawyers for Your World

Besides capacity, other factors essential to contract formation include the exchange of something of value, mutual consent, and legality. The exchange of something of value refers to the giving and receiving of something of value as the basis for the contract. 

For example, one party giving another $5,000 for a vehicle counts, but only because they got a vehicle in return. 

The legality requirement refers to the underlying purpose of the contract. If a violation of a law is involved, such as a contract to transport illegal drugs, then the contract is unenforceable. 

Mutual consent refers to an agreement between the parties on all of the essential terms of the contract. 

Lawyer for Business Contracts: Your Trusted Contract Lawyers in Buffalo and New York State

You can rely on Tarshus Law Firm, as many have previously, to take care of your contract needs. Our experience working in commercial ventures in Buffalo and throughout New York State makes us a solid choice to handle whatever your contract circumstances may be.

When you contract the services of Tarshus Law Firm, you get:

Quick response and timely handling of your case
An opportunity to discuss all details online, with no need to waste time
Business contract lawyers with a deep experience in legal agreements
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We started working with Andrea 1 year ago. She has taken our business to another higher level. Not only is she our attorney, but she is also our business coach. Her business acumen is second to none. Her advice and guidance in the legal world has helped us navigate any potential pitfalls that may have come our way.
Seema Ali-Mojawalla
Tarshus Law Firm, Andrea specifically, manages the contracts process for my business. Her insight and attention to detail have resulted in a better business, better relationships with my vendors and clients, and more savings financially.
I retained Ms. Tarshus last year to assist me with corporate legal services involving my start-up business. Ms. Tarshus helped me and my company out greatly. She is a wonderful, competent attorney who assisted me with contract drafting, corporate formation, and overall business strategy.
Lyle B.

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We’re ready to discuss your needs and help you secure the future of your business with premium contract work that gives you the freedom to conduct business without unnecessary worry. Whether you need a corporate contract lawyer or small business legal services, call our office today or schedule a meeting with us online.

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What Is a Valid Contract in Business Law?

A contract is valid in business law if it has the following elements:

  • Offer and acceptance
  • Exchange of something of value
  • Legal
  • Legally capable parties
  • Mutual assent

As stated, contracts need not be in writing to be valid.

What Is a Quasi-Contract in Business Law?

A quasi-contract is an obligation created by law to prevent one party from becoming unjustly enriched at the expense of another. It’s not a contract but a tool used by the courts to “create a contract” that equalizes an unjust transfer of something of value from one party to another.

What Is a Void Contract in Business Law?

A void contract is an illegitimate agreement, without force or effect, and unenforceable. Contracts are null and void when they are missing one of the essential elements discussed earlier. For example, a contract with a 13-year-old is not enforceable. Likewise, a contract for the purchase of stolen cars would be null and void.