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Cannabis Business Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

As New York cannabis business attorneys, we help cannabis enterprises stay compliant with New York cannabis law at every stage of the application, cultivation, processing, and retail process.  Whether obtaining a cannabis license, exploring real estate for operations, or reinforcing a business, we can help.

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Buffalo Cannabis Lawyers Helping Cannabis Businesses Across New York State

With U.S. and New York cannabis laws changing all the time, the future of your business depends on compliance.

Although recreationally legal in New York State since 2021, various other states and the federal government continue to grapple with its legal status. This creates challenges for legitimate businesses and corporations looking to operate in New York.

As New York business lawyers, we have been instrumental in aiding all manner of business entities throughout the state to operate profitably and in compliance with standard and special regulations and laws that govern commercial activity.

As cannabis attorneys who have an in-depth understanding of cannabis businesses, we are positioned to serve entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations and help them maintain compliance with cannabis industry laws and regulations.  

Our cannabis law firm’s experience in the industry has yielded contacts and business relationships that directly benefit our client's businesses. Businesses and organizations we have direct working relationships with include:

  • Investors
  • Cultivators
  • Dispensary agents
  • Security agents
  • DEA/law enforcement
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Marketing teams
  • Architects
  • Realtors
  • Lobbyists
  • Lab techs

Whether you are interested in opening a dispensary or setting up a commercial grow space, we have the experience, knowledge, and connections to make it happen.

Our Legal Services for Cannabis Enterprises

As cannabis business lawyers directly involved in the cannabis industry, we can provide our clients with a wide variety of business legal services, including cannabis corporate formation, applications for licensure, legal operations, intellectual property consulting, commercial real estate negotiations, and land use planning and strategies. 

Cannabis License Application Preparation and Consulting

We help ensure you make strategic decisions based on your plans, starting with your cannabis license application. We make sure you understand the ramifications of your application choices and advise you on the most appropriate manner of completing your application packet, whether you are looking for a license to grow (cultivate), process, or dispense (sell) adult-use marijuana or medical marijuana and hemp.

Lawyer for Business: Your Trusted Cannabis Business Lawyers in Buffalo and New York State

After years of working with business and corporate clients and working in the cannabis industry ourselves, we are confident and verified cannabis business law attorneys with the know-how and the passion to help you succeed. 

Because of our experience, our clients get peace of mind knowing their legal bases are covered. Our clients also know they can come to us for guidance and strategies to help them become prominent cannabis industry operators and grow and thrive in the future. 

Our services cover every aspect of the cannabis industry. Are you interested in opening a dispensary or two? How about starting up or investing in a cultivation or processing company? No matter what area of the industry attracts you, you can rely on Lawyer for Business to help make it happen.

Our relations in the industry continue to grow as we represent and work with the players operating in this burgeoning field. We currently have active relationships with:

  • Direct investors
  • Cultivators and distributors
  • Marketers and retailers
  • DEA and law enforcement agencies

Call our office to get started on your future in New York state’s cannabis industry.

Regulation and Compliance

We make sure our clients are in compliance by continually working diligently to:

  • Assess risks and exposure to federal, state, and local laws
  • Oversee license acquisitions
  • Represent clients in meetings with federal, state, and local authorities agencies

Business Formation

We help find the right structure to enter New York’s cannabis market by providing the following:

  • Assistance with business structuring and formations
  • Assistance with property negotiations and leases for business expansion
  • Assistance with mergers and acquisitions
  • Consulting on partnership agreements

Business Contracts and Agreements

Our high-quality legal writing and experience allow us to protect our clients’ interests with watertight contracts and agreements. We can handle your needs, including:

  • Drafting and executing airtight agreements with partners
  • Understanding labor issues caused by marijuana proliferation
  • Advising on and creating non-compete agreements

Corporate Cannabis Guidance

We provide the guidance to set your trajectory in New York’s cannabis market. We help you create and execute short-term and long-term goals that ensure your success in the marketplace.

Choose Lawyer for Business and get effective:

  • Assistance with capital-raising efforts
  • Guidance on operating in the alternative medicine and CBD industry
  • Real estate guidance for tenants and landlords
  • Assistance with raising capital

Call now to schedule a consultation with a New York cannabis lawyer.

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Working with the Tarshus Law Firm was very convenient and professional from the initial phone call to the closing of the topic. It was a pleasure speaking with someone with a positive and energetic personality who clearly demonstrates they enjoy their profession. The topic at hand was discussed in a partnership manner, offering me guidance while allowing me to ask questions for clarification. Being on the same page with clear understanding resulted in agreeable results with a fast turnaround time. Thank you Tarshus Law Firm for the services you offer the community.


Tarshus law firm, Andrea specifically, manages the contracts process for my business. Her insight and attention to detail has resulted in a better business, better relationships with my vendors/clients, and more savings financially. The financial savings that Andrea’s contract review created more than paid for what her fees were to get the job done. We keep Tarshus Law Firm on retainer! They always answer or return calls and messages quickly!

Jeff Willis

We started working with Andrea 1 year ago. She has taken our business to another higher level. Not only is she our attorney, but she is also our business coach. Her business acumen is second to none. Her advice and guidance in the legal world have helped us navigate any potential pitfalls that may have come our way.

Seema Ali-Mojawalla

Contact Your Cannabis Industry Lawyers in Buffalo, NY

At every stage of production, distribution, and retail of cannabis, there are unique legal challenges that every business faces. Our team at Lawyer for Business has substantial business experience in New York and also significant experience in the cannabis industry.

Contact our office if you want to work with a seasoned cannabis attorney who knows their way around New York’s cannabis industry.

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What are the types of New York Cannabis Licenses?

The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) offers a variety of licenses to participate in the industry. For social justice reasons, the OCM has established a goal of having 50% of licenses go to social and equity applicants. 

Some of the various licenses are:

  • Adult-use conditional cultivator, which allows processors to work with .3%+ THC.
  • Adult-use conditional processor, which allows processors to work with .3%+ THC.
  • Conditional adult-use retail dispensary, which allows commercial marijuana sales.
  • Adult-use on-site consumption, which provides for consumption of THC onsite.
  • Adult-use cooperative, which provides for a cooperative structure for entities.
  • Adult-use delivery, which permits the operation of delivery companies.
  • Adult-use micro business, which is designed for limited-size operations.
  • Adult-use distributor license, which allows for wholesale distribution of marijuana.
  • Adult-use nursery license, which permits the production of clones and seeds.
  • Adult-use processor license, which is for extractors and other processors.
  • Adult-use cultivator license, which allows for planting and harvesting marijuana.

At Lawyer for Business, we are deeply familiar with these categories and can ensure our clients obtain the licenses they need without surprises down the road. 

How much is cannabis license in New York state?

The price of each cannabis license are set in the future by the CCB. Factors influencing the cost of obtaining a particular license will depend on the license type, the size of the contemplated operation, and the applicant’s socioeconomic status.