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Starting a Business Mini-Series: How to Hire Your Team

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The work-life balance of an entrepreneur can become heavily lopsided as momentum builds, demands increase, and responsibilities grow. Hiring a wingwoman or wingman to help you carry the load can provide some welcome relief. However, if you get wrapped up in the enthusiasm of hiring your prospective cohort, you may be tempted to overlook state rules and regulations to get them started as soon as possible. Verifying workplace requirements in your state before you hire someone is important. Otherwise, you could find yourself slapped with some heavy fines, forced to restructure or eliminate your work force, or shut down entirely.

Here’s a quick crash course on the steps you should take to onboard your team legally:

Are you ready to hire your first staff member but unsure what the requirements are in your state? Reach out to a local business attorney for guidance. Need help with drafting your employment documents such as your Employment Contract, Independent Contractor Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, Non-Compete Agreement, or Employee Manual? A seasoned business attorney can help you create template documents and ensure that they are in compliance with state, federal, and local laws. Some attorneys offer quick turnarounds and flat fees for this service.

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